Brand Identity System & Graphic Design
for EMPact America


EMPact America, not-for-profit organization with national membership. EMPact's mission is to educate the American people about EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and the threats and solutions concerning an EMP attack on America's critical infrastructures.

EMPact America’s target audience spans all demographics- from individuals and communities to a nation wide level- with the shared aim of passing legislation to help protect the US electrical grids and critical infrastructures from collapse-events. EMPact America is a multi-faceted organization with efforts to educate, advocate and empower the citizens of this country, and to provide solutions for preparedness for any event that may threaten our way of life as Americans.

EMPact America: Brand Identity Components

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EMPact America Headquarters: Signs, spacial design, wall decals, office signs and more



Artwork Created for Facebook and
Social Media for EMPact America

"GUARD THE GRID" Campaign & The SHIELD Act

Part of EMPact America's mission includes spreading awareness and support of the Shield Act
(H.R. 2417: Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act - S.H.I.E.L.D. Act)

"Powerful" and captivating graphic design was needed in order to help spread awareness and "spark" interest and support for this cause. A sub-brand was created, including a brand identity and applications for Facebook, website, PopVox Campaign and other social media platforms to help get the word out, track progress in Congress, and to make this important issue more palatable for a wider audience. 

Why do we need the SHIELD Act? 

In 2008, the bipartisan Electromagnetic Pulse Commission testified before Congress that: Contemporary U.S. society is not structured, nor does it have the means, to provide for the needs of nearly 300 million Americans without electricity... The current strategy for recovery from a failure of the electric grid leaves us ill-prepared to respond effectively to a manmade- or naturally occurring- EMP event that would potentially result in damage to vast numbers of components nearly simultaneously over an unprecedented geographic scale.


The SHIELD Act is a Solution:

The SHIELD Act encourages cooperation between industry and government in the development, promulgation, and implementation of standards and processes that are necessary to address the current shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the electric grid from a major EMP event. H.R. 2417's purpose is to amend the Federal Power Act to protect the bulk-power system and electric infrastructure critical to the defense and well-being of the United States against natural and manmade electromagnetic pulse ("EMP") threats and vulnerabilities.


EMPact America's "Tackl'n-the-Basics" Learn-to-Fish Training Day


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